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"Respect, Persevere, Succeed"

Our Staff

Rotherfield Primary Staff work together as a “family”. Staff are encouraged to support one another and work collaborative to share good practice, creating a positive teamwork ethos.

Our Leadership Team consists of our Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, School Business Manager and Inclusion Manager.

The Headteacher is responsible for the leadership and management and day-to-day running of our school, supported by our Deputy Headteacher, who also teaches KS1 children.

Our children are offered professional support from our Inclusion Manager and Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL), which includes counselling and therapeutic provision.

We have a School Business Manager (SBM) who deals with all financial aspects of the school, which includes managing the school budget and ensuring that we adhere to national auditory requirements.

We have an equivalent of a full time teacher in every class; some classes have two teachers who share responsibility for the class. All teachers have scheduled planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time, which is used for preparing class lesson plans, reviewing pupil’s learning and progress, and attending development training.

Rotherfield has two very skilled Higher Learning Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) who are qualified to teach a class in the absence of a teacher. We also have 11 Teaching Assistants (TAs)/ Individual Needs Assistants (INA), who are attached to a specific class and/or child and play a key role in supporting children with their learning. Our HLTAs, TAs and INAs are integral members of staff within the school and are treated as such.

The school office staff undertake an array of duties; including attendance tracking, school admissions, and lunchtime arrangements for pupils, clubs and wraparound.

Our caretaker is responsible for the upkeep, safety and security of the school site, and all those who use it. Whilst our kitchen staff ensure that school meals that are provided are healthy, hygienic and inviting to children and staff.

Teaching Staff:


Headteacher: Kate Bishop

Deputy Headteacher: Kirsty Murray

Inclusion Manager: Lucy Spratt

Peake - Reception: Laura Selby

Goodall - Year 1: Kirsty Murray and Becky Hunt

Newton - Year 2:  Kayleigh Reardon

Franklin - Year 3: Nichola Howroyd

Attenborough - Year 4: Emma Mitchell

Jemison - Year 5: Lisa Watkins

Einstein - Year 6: Shirley Turner and Deborah Jaeger

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

Mandy Hackworth

Steph Modjesch

Teaching Assistants:

Tara Blackwell

Nina Buss

Laura Deveson

Mel Dolding

Jillian Fitzgibbon

Jo Gibbins

Judith Hardy

Sylvie Harrington

Emma Lambert

Lynn Lunn

Sue Pinard

Louise Taylor

Jennifer White

Langdon Cooper

Lucy Cottingham

School Business Manager: Sonya Barter

Office Staff:

Sam Miller

Lynn Watts

Kitchen Staff:

Debbie Woodgate

Lizzie Mitson

Kelly O'Neill

Caretaker: Nigel Cassford

Cleaner: Charlie Hare

Wraparound Care Coordinator: Ali Perkins