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Year 6 Residential Trip June 2018

On Monday 4th June 2018 the year 6 class are heading to the Isle of Wight for a week of fun and outdoor learning. Each evening I will update this page with a message from the staff attending and if possible some photos.


Thursday 7th June

Last night the children slept very well and had to be woken up for breakfast this morning! Today has been jam packed with new activities for the children to try. They have been playing team games, problem solving a series of tricky challenges involving tyres, 'lava' and having to get to the other side safely! They have tried volley ball and learnt the basic moves, orienteering, abseiling and making and launching bottle rockets. They have overcome some fears and worked in teams and pairs. They also had to solve a mystery last night after dinner in which Mrs Lunn was the baddy! Still to come today another great dinner and a visit to the beach to play some games.

Wednesday 6th June

Last night everyone slept really well and for a good length of time too so today we were ready for the challenges ahead.


After a very fullsome breakfast we headed out for the 3G swing which several children overcame their fears to swing from the highest point alongside a friend. The children have lasered their way through the woods trying to laser as many people from the opposing team as possible! The children have climbed Jacobs ladder with the help of our partners and we have problem solved with some mind bending games to solve. After another hearty lunch the children spent all afternoon in the pool with a triple session which they have all enjoyed immensely. So many games with floats, noodles, balls and body boards.


After dinner we are heading off on a mystery who knows where to find who knows what!


Tuesday 5th June

Message from Miss Murray:


Today we have been fencing, zip wiring, obstacle challenging, nightline walking, bushcrafting and 4 squaring! and we still have the scrap heap challenge to do.


The children have been amazing, they have shown such team work, great communication, support and excellent manners and they have done it all whilst having a laugh and a joke not only with each other but with the lovely instructors. Several of the instructors have mentioned how well the children listen and take part in each of the activities. So many of the children have excelled themselves with support for their friends and team mates in all the activities...we are already very proud of them.


They have also eaten for England! everyone agrees the food has been really good so far and no one is going hungry.

Monday 4th June

They had a good journey over to the Isle of Wight arriving about 2.30pm. The coach driver commented on how well behaved the children had been. Challenge number one was learning how to put on a duvet cover but with teamwork everyone managed to make their bed! One half of the group then took part in aeroball and the other half had a fencing lesson. Dinner tonight was coated chicken or lasagne with wedges followed by brownies. They have a campfire tonight, followed by hot chocolate and then bed about 9.30. Everyone has joined in well and are representing our school brilliantly.