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Eco Club

This has been an exciting year so far at Rotherfield primary.  In October, Miss Mitchell and Mrs Seymour started up an Eco Council of eco-enthusiast year 6 members. So far they have shared lots of fantastic ideas for how we can make our school a greener and more sustainable environment and have worked hard to share this with the rest of the school through regular assemblies. 
The club's first task was to undertake an environmental review, where we assessed how well our school was doing in each of the 10 eco schools areas. Reflecting on the results, we decided to focus our attention this school year on the following three areas:
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy
  • Waste
In November, as part of our focus on Energy, we invited everyone across the school community to take part in the National Cut Your Carbon initiative. Well done to all the children and their families who got stuck into all sorts of carbon cutting activities from planning no-fly summer holidays to sacrificing long baths and replacing them with short showers. We look forward to taking part again next year to see if even more families can get involved. 
Eco-Council members, and appointed energy monitors, Grace and Ayva have been busy making a traffic light system, labelling all the appliances in our school so that all staff and children know what can be turned off. They have been checking lights are off at break and lunch times as well as unused interactive white boards. Keep up the good work!
Year 5 were lucky to have a visit from East Sussex County Council Chair and Green Party member, Georgia Taylor. She spoke to the class about efficient use of energy through the concept of a circular economy as well as the importance of protecting the biodiverse and beautiful world around us so that our planet can keep providing for our needs in the future. The children and staff were all very inspired. 
This Friday, 9th February, sees the first Free Fruit stand where any uneaten fruit will be offered at the end of the day for families to take home to enjoy over the weekend. Please come and help yourselves so that this precious resource does not go to waste. 
If you are doing anything at home to improve your carbon footprint and minimise your impact on our planet, please share it with Miss Mitchell or a member of Eco club so you can inspire more people with your actions. 
Watch this space for more Eco News!